Emergency Operations Centre Update

November 23, 2021

An Evacuation Order was issued at 3:45 pm yesterday affecting one property on Hansom Road in Chilliwack River Valley, Electoral Area E. We are currently tracking 43 separate incidents affecting all eight electoral areas. There are currently eight Evacuation Orders and two Evacuation Alerts in effect affecting a total of 536 properties.

FVRD staff are preparing to conduct Rapid Damage Assessments in order to understand the status of land and buildings. FVRD will also be working with Team Rubicon Canada to provide assistance with recovery efforts. More information will follow shortly. 

Please visit fvrd.ca/EOC for the latest updates. If would like to report an incident in an electoral area or need assistance please call our Emergency Operations Centre at 778-704-0400. If there is an immediate threat to persons or property please call 911.

Our Emergency Resources  page contains links to emergency resources and information that will be useful to anyone impacted by the current flooding emergency.