Expanded Community Engagement for Recreation in Hope, Changing Governance

October 1, 2021

At its meeting on September 23, 2021, the FVRD Board of Directors directed staff to develop a new and improved public engagement program to gain community insight into the recreation needs of Electoral Areas A, B and the District of Hope. As part of this new program, the Board has chosen to dissolve the Recreation, Culture and Airpark Services Commission (RCASC).

The RCASC was established over 30 years ago, prior to the creation of the Fraser Valley Regional District. Typically, regional districts establish commissions or committees when the Board doesn't have the capacity to undertake a service or initiative directly. In the past, the recreation commission model worked very well for these three communities.

Today, the need for a volunteer-based recreation commission has changed. The FVRD Board is ultimately responsible for all decisions related to budgets, bylaws or financial contracts, and recreation staff has the capacity to work with the Board on all aspects of the delivery, operation and management of airpark and recreation services, programs and facilities.

The decision to dissolve the RCASC was not taken lightly and appreciates the contributions of volunteers over the years. The decision was based on ensuring the FVRD is running efficiently and effectively and meeting its legislative requirements.

To expand broader, positive opportunities for community involvement, the FVRD will be hosting annual in-person Community Forums for all members of the public to share their thoughts and ideas about recreation services directly with their elected officials. In addition, the FVRD has launched its Have You Say, FVRD engagement tool which offers residents the opportunity to connect to staff and the Board at times that are convenient for them. As always, residents are encouraged to attend FVRD Committee and Board meetings either in person or online via videoconference.