Increased Debris on the Fraser River

November 21, 2021

An increase in logs and large woody debris may be experienced on the Lower Fraser River, downstream of Agassiz through Friday, November 26. Recreational boaters, marine traffic, and infrastructure operators should be aware that more logs than normal may be floating downstream due to decreased performance of the Fraser River Debris Trap. 

High debris volumes misaligned the booms that direct debris into the Trap following the rainfall event. An assessment and repairs are underway. With a return to more seasonal lower flow levels along the Fraser River, the volume of woody debris entering the Trap is lower than during spring freshet periods.

Normally, the Fraser River Debris Trap diverts up to 70% of the woody debris coming downstream near Agassiz before it flows into the lower reaches of the Fraser. Although there is always some volume of logs and floating debris in the River, an increase in the number of floating logs getting past the Debris Trap is anticipated.