Public Participation for Jan 28 COW, Board/Hospital Meetings

January 21, 2021

In response to the Provincial Health Orders that restrict travel in and out of the Fraser Valley, we will be holding the January 28 Committee of the Whole, FVRD Board and Hospital Board meetings by Zoom only.

Meeting agendas and webcasts can be found at

If you wish to ask a question during the public question period, you may do so through Zoom. You may also email your question to by 1 pm on January 27.

Participate Via Zoom

Computer, smartphone, or tablet

  1. Click the zoom link below for the meeting you wish to join
  2. If you wish to speak during the public question period click on the “Raise Hand” feature in the controls. This will notify staff that you have raised your hand.
  3. Staff will unmute your microphone when it is your turn to ask your question.
  4. A prompt will appear to confirm you would like to be unmuted. Once you accept the prompt, you will have the opportunity to ask your question.
  5. Once your question has ended, you will be muted again.

Committee of the Whole Zoom Link:
Hospital/Board Zoom Link:


  1. Dial any one of the following numbers: 1-778-907-2071; 1-647-558-0588; or 1-438-809-7799.
  2. When prompted enter the meeting ID below for the meeting you wish to join.
  3. If you wish to speak during the public question period press *9. This will notify staff that you have raised your hand.
  4. When it is your turn to speak you will be prompted to unmute your microphone.
  5. Press *6 to unmute yourself.
  6. Once you are done speaking, press *6 to mute yourself again.

Committee of the Whole Meeting ID:  880 6986 6511
Hospital/Board Meeting ID: 823 0339 3877