Dive Into a Lifeguard Job and Gain Lifelong Skills

August 3, 2022

We are seeking candidates to become lifeguards and swim instructors to work at our facilities in Hope and Boston Bar. Lifeguards play an important role in community safety, teaching children how to swim and be safe around water and helping to curb the number of people at risk of drowning.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a lack of training opportunities, there is currently a nationwide lifeguard shortage, making staffing at pools everywhere a challenge.

While some teens may be considering working retail or food service for an easy way to make money, consider applying to become a lifeguard. Lifeguarding is a rewarding job with flexible hours and can help prepare you for lifelong success.


Lifeguards work together all the time, posted at different stations and rotating often to ensure every zone of the pool is covered. You’ll learn to work together with every member of the team and help each other out from everyday routines to life-threatening emergencies. Through all this teamwork and camaraderie, you’ll probably make some of your closest friends.


When you become a lifeguard, you’re signing up for a day of activity and movement, rather than standing around in a retail or fast food environment. In addition, most lifeguarding positions offer facility access so you can use the pools or fitness equipment during your time off.


When you work as a lifeguard, you get the satisfaction of going into work every day knowing that you will actively make an impact. Lifeguards are responsible for keeping an eye on the pool and ensuring that everyone is behaving safely. While you may have a situation where you need to jump into the water and rescue a swimmer, often the lifesaving happens preventatively. You notice a dangerous situation on the deck and have to use problem-solving and interpersonal skills to prevent an accident.

You also get the opportunity to provide education to patrons. From teaching parents how to properly fit a lifejacket to monitoring children during swim lessons, lifeguards are almost always busy assisting someone in the pool.


To qualify to work as a lifeguard, you’ll have to take a lifeguarding course and pass a certification test. You’ll also be trained in CPR, first aid, and water rescue. As long as you're a strong swimmer, it's never too late to work towards becoming a lifeguard! Take on the challenge at any age to better yourself and reach this goal.


Becoming a lifeguard is an incredible opportunity that provides many transferable skills that will serve you in post-secondary education, future careers and everyday life.

Lifeguards must be responsible and alert, plus able to assert themselves in situations where people's lives are at risk. As a lifeguard, you’ll interact with people multiple times a day, so you’ll naturally build your communication and interpersonal skills. In an emergency, you’ll be trained to make quick decisions and stay calm under pressure, which is applicable in any job.


Through the Lifesaving Society, high school students can obtain Grade 11 and Grade 12 credits by completing their Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard and Lifesaving Instructor certifications.


Do you think you’re ready to become a lifeguard? Our Recreation Services department, which operates the Hope & Area Recreation Centre and the Almer Carlson Pool in North Bend (Boston Bar), is hiring lifeguards. If you are at least 16 years of age, looking for a flexible schedule, and awesome job perks, come work with us!

There are several courses you need to take to become a lifeguard and swim instructor. Visit lifesaving.bc.ca/take-life-saving-courses to find courses near you.

Have questions about becoming a lifeguard? Contact our Recreation Services team at 604-869-2304 or lesiure@fvrd.ca to learn more.

Already have the necessary qualifications? Details on how to apply can be found at fvrd.ca/careers.

Join our dynamic team and make a difference in the community!