Emergency Response Operations Projects Update

January 20, 2022

As part of the Fraser Valley Regional District’s emergency response to the extreme weather and flooding events that occurred between November 14 and December 2, 2021, many Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) emergency operations projects have been completed and others are scheduled for the near future.

Emergency project work is being completed by FVRD staff and contractors under the supervision of qualified engineering and environmental professionals. This update is intended to provide a brief overview of those projects. Please contact us at eoc.operations@fvrd.ca if you have any questions.

As part of EOC emergency response the following assessments were completed:

  • 18 geotechnical assessments
  • 13 hydrotechnical assessments
  • 2 structural assessments

Bank armouring on O'Byrne Road. 

Emergency Projects Completed To Date

Area A:

  • Installed a water cistern for a property that had its water intake destroyed by flooding

Area B:

  • Installed bank armouring on the flood-eroded river bank of the Coquihalla River to protect homes on Tunnels Road and restore access from Othello Road to Tunnels Road
  • Installed temporary shoring to stabilize the foundation of a home on Othello Road that was undermined by flood erosion 

Area D:

  • Replaced the equalization tank pump that was damaged by a storm-related power surge at the Popkum Sewer Wastewater Treatment Plant

Area E:

  • Cleared debris from the Rexford Creek Debris Basin
  • Cleaned out the Tank Creek Debris Basin located in the Baker Trails Subdivision
  • Installed bank armouring on the flood-eroded river bank of the Chilliwack River along O’Byrne Road

Area H:

  • Installed temporary, rental backup generator to replace the storm-damaged generator that provides backup power for the Cultus Lake sewer system


Current And Upcoming Emergency Projects

Area C:

  • Additional debris removal from Elbow Creek and repairs to the Elbow Creek Dike
  • Work has been scheduled to repair damage to the Lake Errock water system reservoir access

Area E:

  • Work is currently underway at Wilson Road to stabilize damage to the Wilson Road Dike and the damaged bank on the Chilliwack River to prevent further damage and erosion. Once the FVRD transitions to the recovery phase, planning will begin for additional work including rebuilding the Wilson Road Dike
  • Work to repair damaged sections of the Osborne Road Dike is temporarily on hold due to contractor availability
  • Further cleanouts of the Guy Creek Debris Basin in the Baker Trails Subdivision are needed and will be completed once weather and conditions allow
  • Work has been scheduled to repair damage to the Bell Acres water system reservoir access

Area G:

  • Work is planned to restore and repair flood damage to the Taylor Road Dike. The FVRD has been working closely with North Nicomen Diking District (NNDD) Leqamel First Nation (LFN) on this project

Area H:

  • Work is currently underway to remove flood debris from the Frosst Creek channel that threatens the integrity of the Frosst Creek Dike