Freshet Advisory Continues

June 16, 2022

The FVRD is continuing the freshet watch advisory for residents of Electoral Areas B, C and G living in areas not protected by dikes or in low-lying areas.

FVRD’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) continues to monitor the current and forecasted river levels through the BC River Forecast Centre, Environment Canada weather forecasts, and reports on local conditions.

The advisory from June 10 warned residents that rising water levels may flood low-lying areas not protected by dikes. These included a) properties in the Nicomen Island and Harrison Bay areas that are not protected by a dike; b) unprotected areas along the Harrison River; c) properties that are partly protected by the North Nicomen Dike; and d) low-lying parts of Laidlaw.

The BC River Forecast is maintaining a High Streamflow Advisory for the Fraser River from Quesnel to the ocean.  A High Streamflow Advisory means that river levels are rising or are expected to rise rapidly, but that no major flooding is expected.

The forecasted water levels have resulted in relatively minor flooding at a few sites and residents in those areas are generally prepared for this annual event. If water levels rise beyond the forecasted condition, more significant flooding of unprotected lands could occur and evacuation alerts or possibly orders may be necessary.

Residents should use extreme caution near all watercourses, especially the banks of the Fraser River and Nicomen Slough. Take caution if the water is high or fast-moving, and be cautious around other flooded areas because the ground may be unstable.

Park Closures

The Parks team is monitoring Fraser river conditions and levels and will close parks as required.   

Currently closed:

  • Island 22 bike park and riverside trail
  • Dewdney Regional Park - Electoral Area G
  • Eagle Point Community Park - Electoral Area C

As the mission gauge rises, the FVRD is prepared to make additional closures including Island 22 Regional Park and Dogwood Community Park in Electoral Area B

Sand and sandbags are available for residents at the following locations.

1. Harrison Mills: Morris Valley Road & Chehalis Forest Service Road, (East of Sasquatch Inn) Link to Google Maps

2. Dewdney: North Fraser Fire Hall, 8840 Rowan Rd, Dewdney, BC Link to Google Maps

3. Laidlaw: Laidlaw Road/Hunter Creek Road Link to Google Maps (Sandbags available June 17)

Get Informed:

Be Prepared