Freshet Update

July 4, 2022

The BC River Forecast Centre no longer predicts 1972 flood levels or worse for the Fraser River.

Despite improvements to river forecasts, the FVRD’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) continues to monitor the situation and will increase its operations if necessary.  

Both the Province’s high stream advisory and evacuation alerts issued by the FVRD remain in effect. 

Although no major flooding is currently expected within the FVRD electoral areas, high rainfall is forecasted across the region. Rivers are at a bank-full state and conditions can change quickly. Residents near low-lying undiked lands along Fraser River and Harrison River should remain prepared and stay informed of evacuation alerts and orders, as well as changes to forecasted river levels. 

The FVRD urges residents and visitors to refrain from entering parks that have been closed and to stay away from the Fraser and Harrison Rivers as high water levels pose safety risks.

The EOC continues to closely monitor river forecasts and conditions. However, the EOC also relies on information shared by residents. Electoral Area residents are asked to report flooding or significant changes to river conditions by contacting the EOC public phone line at 778-704-0400. In an emergency, residents should call 911.

Current Evacuation Alerts

Evacuation Alerts have been issued for select properties in Electoral Areas B, C and G. Residents in the following areas should begin making preparations to secure their properties:

  • Area B: Laidlaw (Jones creek, Wahleach Creek, and Lorenzetta Creek areas)
  • Area C: Harrison Mills
  • Area G: Nicomen Island, North Nicomen Island and Taylor Road area

View the Evacuation Alerts at

Get Informed

Be Prepared

Park Closures

Parks closures are for the safety of the public due to fast-moving water and unstable banks. The following parks have been closed and will re-open when it is safe to do so:

  • Island 22 Regional Park (except for commercial fishing guides)
  • Dewdney Regional Park
  • Eagle Point Community Park