FVRD Monitoring River Levels

June 6, 2022

The Fraser Valley Regional District is monitoring water levels in the Harrison River and several other areas this week.

By the end of the week (June 10), the Harrison River is projected to rise to a level above 11 metres at Harrison Mills.  This may result in flooding of the river foreshore and unprotected areas along the river, including parts of Tapadera Estates, Eagle Point Park, Beach Camp, and Harrison Bay. 

Water levels in the Fraser River continue to rise.  Residents and occupants of undiked lands in the areas of Dewdney, Nicomen Island, Malcolm Road (near Lake Errock), and St. Elmo Road (Laidlaw) should monitor river levels closely and be prepared for potential flooding. 

The FVRD cautions residents living in floodplain areas, especially those not protected by dikes, to monitor water levels and keep away from river edges and shorelines. During periods of high flow, river banks may be unstable and more prone to sudden collapse. Stay well away and keep young children and pets away from the banks of fast-flowing streams and flooded areas or bridges. 

Park Closure:

  • Dewdney Regional Park in Electoral Area G is now closed due to rising water levels. Access to the boat launch will also be closed.

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