Have Your Say on the 2022 - 2026 Financial Plan

February 28, 2022

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) wants to hear from you on the draft 2022-2026 Financial Plan. The FVRD manages approximately 120 separate service area budgets which are updated annually and are based on a five-year period.

The public is invited to visit haveyoursay.fvrd.ca to review the draft plan and provide feedback by March 7 at 12 noon. Input will be shared at the March 17 Regional District Board meeting.

“The 2022 – 2026 Financial Plan was prepared conservatively as we are still experiencing impacts from COVID-19 and last year’s extreme weather and flood events. In preparing the Plan, staff considered and leveraged opportunities for efficiencies,” said Jason Lum, Chair of the FVRD Board.

“This year we’re using our new engagement site, Have Your Say, to provide information to the public about the financial planning process. A regional district’s financial structure is quite different from a municipality’s. We hope to explain these differences so the public has a better understanding of how their taxes are calculated and what types of services they receive,” he explained. 

About the Financial Plan

  • New projects and initiatives are included in the Financial Plan presentation materials and include items such as:
    • Hope Arena – Heat Exchange Retro-fit
    • Transit Initiatives; FVX extension
    • Regional Park and Trail improvements
  • Balances in existing reserve and surplus funds were reviewed and considered against future needs.
  • The Plan shows projected tax implications for residents using the most current BC Assessment data for 2022 received in January. 

The 2022 – 2026 Financial Plan presentation on haveyoursay.fvrd.ca contains a summary as well as details on Electoral Area Area-Wide Services, Regional Services and Sub-Regional Services. 

In reviewing the Plan, the public should note there are a number of unique service area budgets that apply to specific Electoral Areas and also budgets that apply to sub-sets of properties within an Electoral Area. To see a full impact of taxation for the proposed budgets in your member municipality or Electoral Area, please review the ‘resources’ section at the end of the presentation.

How Can You Be Involved

  • Visit haveyoursay.fvrd.ca to review the Financial Plan and use the comment form to submit your feedback, or send an email with your comments to info.finance@fvrd.ca by March 7, 2022.
  • Attend the virtual Board meeting on March 17, 2022. If you wish to ask a question during the public question period, you may do so through Zoom. You may also email your question to info@fvrd.ca by 1 pm on the date of the Board meeting.