Heavy Rainfall Forecast This Week

June 9, 2022

The FVRD is monitoring weather forecasts this week for an inbound atmospheric river event.  The Environment Canada forecast is for up to 50 mm of rain for locations near mountains at Chilliwack and Abbotsford and up to 35 mm for Hope.  

The 11 AM Environment Canada forecast for Chilliwack is for 10-20 mm of rainfall today and 20mm tonight (30mm near mountains).  There is a potential total of 50 mm today through tonight for locations near mountains. Hope can expect up to 5-10 mm today and 15-25 tonight for a total of 35 mm today through tonight. 

FVRD’s Emergency Management team is aware of the rainfall event and is monitoring both weather and river level forecasts closely.  The public should also be monitoring weather forecasts and local conditions as both can change rapidly.

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