Introducing the FVRD Spotlight

April 26, 2022

Introducing the FVRD Spotlight, a quarterly newsletter designed to highlight services provided to our eight electoral areas. Each quarter, the FVRD Spotlight will profile various services and projects of interest to electoral areas. The newsletter will be mailed to electoral area residents with utility bills and will also be available online.

In the first issue, the FVRD Spotlight focuses on emergency preparedness which is important for rural residents. Read the FVRD Spotlight and learn about emergency preparedness week (May 1-7, 2022), the Alertable emergency notification system and the new FireSmart program which is designed to help residents protect their property against wildfire.

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Did You Know?

The FVRD is comprised of eight electoral areas and six municipalities. It provides approximately 120 separate services to over 330,000 residents. Services are provided on a regional, sub-regional or local basis.

  • Regional services are provided to all municipalities and electoral areas, such as parks & outdoor recreation, air quality, and solid waste management.
  • Sub-regional services involve two or more jurisdictions, such as animal control services, recreation services, and the invasive weeds program.
  • Local services are provided to electoral areas only including garbage and recycling facilities, fire protection services, planning & development services, and bylaw enforcement services. Local services provided to electoral areas can differ from one electoral area to another. They can even differ from one property to another. In the electoral areas, residents only pay for the services they receive.