FVRD 2023 Grant Financial Accountability Report Issued

May 2, 2024

The annual reporting from Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid applicants, Regional Grant-in-Aid applicants, Chilliwack River Valley Cleanup Grant, and the Community Forest Grant highlights the important work occurring across the region.   

“The financial support issued through our Grant-in-Aid programs to both Electoral Areas and Regional based activities is essential funding for groups and not-for-profit groups,” said Jason Lum, FVRD Board Chair. “The community events, projects, and initiatives that may not otherwise be possible without this funding is benefiting communities across the region,” he said.  

The FVRD Grant-in-Aid programs support cultural, environmental, charitable, and recreational service activities and special events that benefit the community. There are two Grant-in-Aid programs available for not-for-profit organizations and community groups. Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid funding is available to non-profit community groups or individuals who provide a service or benefit to their Electoral Area community. This funding is set through the budget process and considers the expected aspirations of the communities. All funding requests must be supported by the Electoral Area Director and approved by the Board. The Regional GIA funding is available to non-profit organizations or community groups based in the FVRD to support projects that provide a region-wide benefit. This funding is part of the FVRD budget process and does not exceed $50,000 annually.

2023 Electoral Area Grant-in-Aid Funding                                    

  • Electoral Area A: $5,270
  • Electoral Area B: $22,800
  • Electoral Area C: $16,452
  • Electoral Area D: none
  • Electoral Area E: $6,500
  • Electoral Area F: $7,500
  • Electoral Area G: $11,000
  • Electoral Area H: $15,500

 2023 Regional Grant-In-Aid Funding

  • Chilliwack Community Arts Council: $5,000
  • Fraser Valley Mountain Bikers Association: $13,640
  • Hemlock Valley Homeowners Association: $3,950
  • Sasquatch Mountain Ski Club: $6,820
  • Stroke Recovery Association of BC: $3,000

*Regional Grant-in-Aid applications were approved on March 23, 2023 as part of the FVRD 2023-2-27 Financial Plan Bylaw No. 1697, 2023

 2023 Chilliwack River Valley Cleanup Grant

  • Bailey Landfill Cleanup Costs: $1,251
  • Streams Foundation: $4,000
  • Chilliwack Vedder River Cleanup Society: $4,000
  • Chilliwack River Valley Resident’s Association: $2,950

 2023 Community Forest Grant

  • Forager Foundation: $9,973
  • Yale & District Ratepayers Association: $3,920

More details on the specific Grant-in-Aid programs is available on our website at: https://www.fvrd.ca/EN/main/government/grant-in-aid-programs.html The details of each applicant’s work is included in the Board Agenda dated April 25, 2024 in Section 8.2 https://pub-fvrd.escribemeetings.com/Meeting.aspx?Id=6376ee66-ddcf-4c7a-add4-84ed77b07e7f&Agenda=Merged&lang=English