FVRD Adopts 2024-2028 Financial Plan

March 28, 2024

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) Board of Directors has adopted the 2024-2028 Financial Plan Bylaw. This year’s Financial Plan marks the first year in a formal asset management program; a year of expanded public engagement and a more fulsome and robust review and approval process for Regional Grants-in-Aid.

 “The FVRD Board and staff work diligently over several months to ensure prioritization of community needs while also prioritizing service area budgets considered at risk,” said Jason Lum, FVRD Board Chair. “The impact of cost to residents is paramount in our decision making, and we would like to share our appreciation for the time FVRD residents took to provide their feedback for the 2024-2028 Financial Plan,” he said.  

The FVRD manages approximately 114 unique service areas, all with distinct purposes, unique tax bases, and specific revenues and expenses that cannot be shared with other service areas. The Local Government Act requirements include a requirement for a Financial Plan bylaw adoption by the end of March each year.  

To review the financial plan please visit our Have Your Say platform for the 2024 Budget project at https://haveyoursay.fvrd.ca/2024-budget