FVRD Board Adopts Regional Growth Strategy: Fraser Valley Future 2050

April 26, 2024

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS): Fraser Valley Future 2050 builds upon the foundation of the previous RGS while reflecting new legislation, regional concerns, and shifting priorities identified with the help of residents, member municipalities, First Nations, the Province, and neighbouring regional districts. 

"The approval of the RGS is a significant milestone for the region," said Jason Lum, FVRD Board Chair. "It signifies a shared commitment by our member jurisdictions of promoting the health, well-being and sustainability of the communities within the region,” he said.

As the third most populated Regional District in the province, and with a population expected to exceed 500,000 by 2050, the region’s plan for growth needs to consider and respond to a range of complex challenges and a variety of increasing pressures.

The RGS provides a framework for planning and coordinating the activities of local governments, the provincial government, and other agencies to ensure that the region as a whole is working toward a common future. 

The updated plan provides a regional context to the goals, priorities, and existing efforts made by other levels of government, including the FVRD’s member municipalities.

The more significant updates made to Regional Growth Strategy: Fraser Valley Future 2050 aim to:

  • Improve collaboration across all levels of government;
    • Respect the rights, culture, and self-governance of First Nations communities;
    • Include the interests of Indigenous Peoples and local First Nation Communities;
    • Improve regional transit and transportation infrastructure;
    • Expand public transit and active transportation networks;
    • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions produced in the region; and
    • Improve preparation and response to frequent climate emergencies.

The RGS document can be viewed at fvrd.ca/rgs