May 7, 2024

The FVRD has a new Hazard Report and a new Emergency Management Plan available to support community resiliency by building awareness for FVRD residents.

“The Hazard Report and the Emergency Management Plan contain essential details to help residents and business owners understand the hazards, and plan for resilience in their communities,” said Jason Lum, FVRD Board Chair.   

The Emergency Management Plan is intentionally a high-level document in order to accommodate additions and refinements that may become necessary, as updated regulations that accompany the new legislation are introduced in a phased approach. The Hazard Report summarizes the hazard information for the FVRD’s eight electoral areas covering 12,000 square kilometers covering a diverse physiography, ranging from sea-level lowlands to rugged mountains. The land use in the area includes rural residential, agriculture, forestry use, and major transport, utility, and telecommunications infrastructure.

During a complex emergency, residents may not receive assistance potentially upwards of 10-14 days. Accordingly, the Emergency Management Plan identifies opportunities for everyone to undertake activities across all four phases of emergency management to better mitigate, prepare for, withstand, and recover from the consequences of emergencies. FVRD has a Preparedness Guide on our website and residents should undertake preparedness for the hazards in their area.

The Emergency Management Plan is available on the FVRD website at https://www.fvrd.ca/assets/Government/Documents/Emergency~Management/Emergency%20Management%20Plan.pdf

The Hazard Report is available on the FVRD website at https://www.fvrd.ca/assets/Government/Documents/Emergency~Management/Hazard%20Report%20-%20Final.pdf