Regional Growth Strategy

Choices for our Future

The Fraser Valley has beautiful scenery, countless recreational opportunities, a broad range of services, growing employment opportunities close to home, and housing costs which are more affordable than many other Lower Mainland communities. Combined with the region's productive farmland, historic rural communities, and many wilderness areas, residents of the Fraser Valley enjoy a high quality of life in one of the most liveable environments in North America.

Adopted in 2004, the Regional Growth Strategy: Choices for our Future contains a vision and eight growth management goals that the FVRD will focus on over the next 20 to 30 years.


The Fraser Valley Regional District will be a network of vibrant, distinct, and sustainable communities that accept responsibly managed growth while being committed to protecting the land resources and the natural environment to ensure that a high quality of life is accessible to all.


  1. Increase transportation choice and efficiency
  2. Support and enhance the agricultural sector
  3. Manage urban land responsibly
  4. Develop a network of sustainable communities
  5. Protect the natural environment and promote environmental stewardship
  6. Protect and manage rural and recreational lands
  7. Achieve sustainable economic growth
  8. Manage water, energy resources and waste responsibly

RGS Public Engagement

Did you know that by 2050, the Fraser Valley’s population is expected to grow by about 60 percent? That’s approximately 200,000 more people living in our region.

Help us plan for your future. Share your thoughts on regional issues related to transit, housing, recreation, economic development, and the environment.

Take the survey by Sept. 30, 2021. The survey is open to anyone who lives, works, and plays in the Fraser Valley. Everyone who registers on the site is eligible to win one of four $50 Visa gift cards.

RGS Update

The FVRD is currently in the process of updating the Regional Growth Strategy. Visit our update page for more information or to view the draft document.

RGS Monitoring Program

Monitoring the region’s growth is important to ensure decisions are being made based on the RGS vision. Tracking population growth, demographics, climate change, and transit and transportation are critical to evaluating the effectiveness of RGS policies and maintaining sustainable growth.  Performance is evaluated on an ongoing basis as data becomes available.

RGS Monitoring Report [PDF - 7 MB]