RGS Monitoring Program

Monitoring and evaluating the progress and issues related to Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) goals and policies is an important aspect of RGS implementation. The RGS monitoring program:

  • Provides data used for regional decision-making
  • Highlights regional opportunities, challenges, and priorities
  • Provides information about indicators associated with RGS goals
  • Measures long-term trends data from a variety of sources 

RGS Monitoring Website 

The RGS Monitoring website uses interactive maps, embedded content, and other dynamic features to illustrate the complexities of growth in our region. The website is updated regularly to reflect the most current available data. 

RGS Monitoring Reports

Formal monitoring reports are produced every five years after Statistics Canada releases its Census data. These reports provide a detailed look at indicators and include evaluations of indicator objectives. 

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Send your comments, feedback, or ideas about the RGS Monitoring Program to stratplan@fvrd.ca.