Regional Growth Strategy Update

The FVRD is updating the Regional Growth Strategy: Choices for our future. Since its adoption in 2004, this strategy has been fundamental in promoting a network of vibrant and sustainable communities. To remain relevant to new pressures and population growth, the updated RGS will incorporate modern trends that impact the health and sustainability of our communities.

The updated RGS sets out key principles, all of which are interconnected. These principles establish goals and related policies which set the framework for the RGS update promoting healthy and sustainable communities:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Economic Strength and Resiliency
  3. Living Well
  4. Community Building
  5. Ecosystem Health
  6. Transportation and Mobility
  7. Infrastructure and Services
  8. Energy and Climate Change

The FVRD is committed to working in close collaboration with member municipalities, Indigenous Communities, the Province, neighbouring regional districts and community members throughout the RGS update process. Stayed tuned for upcoming engagement opportunities.