The Fraser Valley Regional District is one of the fastest-growing regional districts in British Columbia. Growth will impact the region in a number of different ways: housing demand, the built environment, health care, municipal services, and the provision of public transit.

In order to plan well for the future, a clear understanding of the region's current conditions is critical. The Snapshot Series is intended to provide a brief summary of the region's different areas of focus, including a summary of the current context and figures, as well as projections for the future.

2016 Census

In addition to the Snapshot Series, the Regional District will be preparing 2016 Census Release Reports, a series of documents intended to highlight important statistical trends in the Fraser Valley Regional District. Census data is an essential tool for all levels of government, as it gives insight on the demographic, social, and economic profiles of the population. Data from this report series will enable the Fraser Valley Regional District to make informed and strategic decisions for the future. Census Release Reports will be updated as Statistics Canada releases the remaining datasets from the 2016 Census.