Hemlock Valley and Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Sasquatch Mountain Resort (formerly Hemlock Resort) is an existing ski resort located on the northern edge of the Fraser Valley, approximately 65km west of Chilliwack and 125km east of Vancouver. A master plan for the area is currently in development for a significant expansion; turning the existing chalet into a well-rounded all-season resort experience.

Berezan Group received approval from the Province of British Columbia in March 2016 for an All-Seasons Resort Master Plan. The approval allows for significant expansion of the existing resort base through a five phase resort development on Crown Lands. As part of this approval, the Province and Sasquatch Mountain Resort entered into a Master Development Agreement which outlines the development commitments that must be achieved by the developer. The commitments were developed through consultation with the Fraser Valley Regional District, local First Nations, and various other stakeholders.

Prior to Sasquatch Mountain Resort proceeding with the development outlined in the Master Plan, the FVRD required an Official Community Plan review and amendment to reflect the approved Master Plan development. As such, the FVRD has initiated the Official Community Plan review process.

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