If you have a passion for public service and want to make a difference in the lives of Fraser Valley residents, consider coming to work with us.

The FVRD currently employs approximately 110 full time, part time, seasonal and time duration, management and union staff. We recruit people with a wide variety of aptitudes and skills to deliver a broad range of services to the public. Union staff members employed by the FVRD are represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 458.


Competition Number Job Title Status
2020-03 Facility Operator I (Part-Time) (Time-Duration) [PDF - 308 KB] Interviewing
2020-06 Planning Technician (Full-Time)-Up to 2 Positions [PDF - 309 KB] Reviewing
2020-07 Recreation Assistant- Part-Time-Up to 2 Positions [PDF - 273 KB] Open
2020-08 Student I (Parks)-Time-Duration-Up to 2 Positions [PDF - 222 KB] Reviewing
2020-10 Planning Assistant (Full-Time)-Up to 2 Positions [PDF - 323 KB] Open
2020-11 Student I (Utilities Aide-Service Areas (Time-Duration) [PDF - 268 KB] Open
2020-12 Director of Finance [PDF - 246 KB] Open
2020-13 Manager of Inspection Services [PDF - 351 KB] Open
2020-14 Interdepartmental Office Aide (Part-Time) [PDF - 202 KB] Open
2020-16 Park Technician (Time-Duration) [PDF - 251 KB] Open
2020-17 Parks Assistant (Full-Time)-Up to 2 Positions [PDF - 198 KB] Open
2020-18 Parks Assistant (Time-Duration) [PDF - 293 KB] Open
ID: 18-692 Chief Administrative Officer Interviewing

All advertised jobs are open to members of the public as well as to current FVRD employees. We hire the most qualified and suitable candidate for each position based on the knowledge, skills and experience required to do the job.