Flood Response Update

January 11, 2022

The Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) is currently at Level 1 activation and is anticipated to deactivate and transition to the recovery phase in the next couple of weeks. There are currently 4 evacuation orders affecting 11 properties, and 2 evacuation alerts impacting 2 properties. FVRD staff and contractors continue emergency works in several electoral areas, including conducting hydro and geological technical assessments, dike and road repair, and debris removal.

Since November 14, 2021, 60 confirmed incidents of overland flooding and mudslides were reported to the EOC public inquiry line, resulting in a total of 27 evacuation orders and alerts impacting over 2,000 properties and an estimated 5,610 people, which is nearly half of the population residing in the electoral areas.

Team Rubicon Canada operations have concluded after 4 weeks on the ground in the FVRD, assisting many affected residents. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the volunteers of Team Rubicon, and the many others who assisted residents who were impacted by the flooding events.

Current Work

There are currently several ongoing projects related to flood response in several electoral areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Road repairs by the Ministry of Transportation
  • Hydrotechnical assessments on several creeks
  • Geotechnical assessments in impacted areas, including landslides
  • Debris removal from public lands
  • Dike repairs

Important Resources

For the most up-to-date information and resources please visit fvrd.ca/2021floods

You will find current evacuation alerts, orders, and rescinds and links to helpful resources including:

Residents who have concerns about flood-related issues are encouraged to call our Public Enquiry Line at 778-704-0400.

Emergency Preparedness & Hazard Awareness

Learn more about what you can do to be prepared for emergencies by visiting our Emergency Preparedness web page. Find out about identified risks and hazards affecting your property by reviewing the relevant Official Community Plan (OCP) for your area. All OCPs can be found on our Bylaw Planning & Land Use web page, or you may contact our Planning & Development staff for assistance at planning@fvrd.ca or 604-702-5000.

Recovery Phase

There are many emergency-related construction and engineering projects identified for this phase, totalling an excess of $3,100,000, and there are many other environmental projects that require escalation to the appropriate Provincial Ministries and agencies. Many of these projects will be dependant upon funding sources. The Province funds a maximum of 80% of each of these possible projects.

This phase is anticipated to take 1 year or more to complete. Recovery intends to repair a community impacted by disaster and restore conditions to an acceptable level, or when feasible, improve them to increase resilience in individuals, families, organizations and communities.

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