Get Prepared

Know the Hazards

Within the Fraser Valley Regional District, there are three natural hazards identified as most likely to happen and to be prepared for: floods, landslides, and wildfires.


Floods are common in BC and can happen at any time of year. The most severe floods usually occur in spring and early summer due to heavy rain and melting snow. This seasonal flooding is known as freshet.


Landslides are the down-slope movement of rock or debris. As more homes are built onto steep slopes, landslides become a greater hazard for both people and buildings. 


Wildfires most often occur in the dry summer months outside of residential areas, but sometimes they can threaten homes, businesses and infrastructure. 

Have a Plan

No matter what the event, developing a plan for your family’s safety by preparing in advance is important. An emergency plan says how you and your household will respond to a disaster. Knowing what to do will reduce anxiety and help keep you focused and safe.  

Download the FVRD Emergency Preparedness Workbook

Make a Kit

Following a disaster, you may need to:

  • Stay at home with an emergency kit or
  • Leave immediately with a grab-and-go bag

Visit Prepared BC's website for more information on how to make a plan and emergency kit.