Let's Get FireSmart

March 21, 2022

Thanks to grant funding from the Province’s Community Resiliency Investment fund, the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) has launched a new program to help electoral area residents learn effective ways to reduce the potential impact of wildfire to their home and property. The FireSmart program is designed to help homeowners make proven steps toward protecting their home and community from wildfire.

Homeowners play an important role in wildfire prevention. Sparks and embers can travel up to 2 km ahead of a wildfire. These can ignite materials on or near your home, which can be potentially devastating. FireSmart guidelines will help you create a defensible space around your home, minimizing your fire risk. Adding a few simple FireSmart actions to your regular yard work routine, such as keeping your grass cut short and cleaning your gutters, can help your house survive a wildfire.  

We invite residents to check out fvrd.ca/firesmart to learn about FireSmart strategies that can help protect your home and neighbourhood. Residents can view and download FireSmart Resources, including the Homeowner's Manual and Landscaping Guide. Community workshops are planned for the spring of this year. Electoral area residents can also request a free home ignition zone assessment from our FireSmart Representative. Please email firesmart@fvrd.ca to request an assessment of your home.

“We are excited that we can offer our electoral area residents the tools and resources to help them reduce the potential of wildfire impacts to their home and property,” said Jason Lum, FVRD Board Chair. “Emergency preparedness starts with each individual and from there we grow a strong network of resilient residents who are ready in the event of a wildfire in their area.”

Every step a homeowner takes to reduce fire risks on their property provides a better opportunity for firefighters to defend the community in the event of a wildfire. Let’s get FireSmart! Visit fvrd.ca/firesmart to learn more.


Media Contact:
Angelique Crowther
Manager of Communications