Every year, wildfires are getting bigger and more frequent in BC. Stats have shown that 50% of homes burnt during a wildfire are started by embers, which can travel up to 2 km on average. Embers have been known to travel up to 6 km in the right conditions. 

By taking steps to reduce the risk of wildfire affecting their properties, homeowners play an important role in wildfire prevention. 

Request a Free Home/Property Assessment

Property owners in the FVRD electoral areas are eligible for a free FireSmart assessment. 

Email our Wildfire Mitigation Specialist at to request a free home assessment by our Wildfire Mitigation Specialist. After the home assessment you will receive a customized report that identifies risks and provides recommendations to mitigate them. 

FireSmart Rebate Program

If you complete any of your FireSmart assessment recommendations, you are eligible for a rebate of 50% of your expenses incurred, up to $1000. 

 FireSmart program rebate qualifications:

  • Schedule a FireSmart home assessment with our Wildfire Mitigation Specialist who will answer your questions and provide you with a list of specific recommendations for your property.
  • Complete one or more of the recommendations and take before and after photos to show your FireSmart activities.
  • Complete a FireSmart rebate form provided during your property assessment. Include receipts for supplies, and a record of your hours along with before and after photos. Email all documentation to
  • Your supplies/labour are valued at approximately $32 per hour for each eligible FireSmart activity you complete. A limited number of rebates are available and are limited to 50% of the total cost up to a maximum of $1000.

Request a Neighbourhood Wildfire Hazard Assessment

Your neighbourhood can request a free neighbourhood wildfire hazard assessment, where our Wildfire Mitigation Specialist looks at general neighbourhood wildfire risks and provides recommendations in a customized report.

Email to request a neighbourhood wildfire hazard assessment.

Request a Neighbourhood Wildfire Preparedness Day

If your neighbourhood is in a high wildfire risk area, your neighbourhood can request a Wildfire Preparedness Day where our Wildfire Mitigation Specialist provides education on how to create a wildfire-resilient yard and provides a green waste bin or wood chipper service to remove branches and vegetative debris. Wildfire Preparedness Days are based on available grant funds and Wildfire Mitigation Specialist availability.

Coordinate with your neighbourhood and email to book a Wildfire Preparedness Day. 

Get FireSmart at Home

FireSmart principles are designed to mitigate a home’s vulnerability to wildfire. Homes ignite due to the condition of the home and everything that surrounds it, up to 100 metres from the foundation – this is called the Home Ignition Zone. 

Learn more about the Home Ignition Zone and how you can take proactive action on your property to reduce wildfire risks.