Education Program

One of our objectives is to increase public knowledge and awareness of air quality in the region. Armed with a better understanding of air quality, people can choose to change their behaviour and advocate for other options to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

This education program offers lesson plans for grades 6 - 12, as well as introductory and extra materials (e.g. suggestions of air quality-related field trips). Subjects covered include science, social studies, geography, mathematics, physical education, and career and personal planning.

  1. Clear Skies, Clean Air - Introduction & Background

  2. Science

  3. Social Studies

  4. Geography

  5. Mathematics

  6. Physical Education

  7. Career and Personal Planning

  8. Appendix A - Particulate Matter

  9. Community Resources for Teachers

  10. Feedback

    If you have any feedback on the information provided, please email your comments to