Wood Stove Exchange Program

FVRD residents are eligible to receive a $250 rebate for trading in their old uncertified wood-burning appliance for a new low emission appliance or a $400 rebate for a gas appliance. 

New wood-burning appliances are proven to burn 1/3 less wood, reduce emissions by up to 70%, and significantly reduce the risk of chimney fires.

What can you exchange?

The following appliances qualify for an exchange:

  • A free-standing non-EPA certified “stove”.
  • A “homemade” or “barrel” stove, 
  • A so-called “airtight” non-EPA certified fireplace insert or tube type heat exchanger with a face plate and door (like the ‘Free Heat Machine’ or Welenco) that is currently installed in an open-hearth fireplace, 
  • A non-EPA certified “wood furnace” (ducted, forced air, home heating appliance) – may only be replaced by an EPA certified wood furnace or pellet furnace,
  • A wood-burning cook stove,
  • An open hearth fireplace (must receive prior approval from Program Coordinator).

What qualifies as a certified replacement?

  • An EPA certified wood, pellet, or high-efficiency gas stove or insert.

  • An EPA certified factory-built fireplace – may only be accepted if it is replacing a non-EPA certified wood stove or non-EPA certified wood insert (not an existing factory-built fireplace).
  • A heat pump system as approved by the Program Coordinator.

Where can you find a participating retailer?

There are 12 retailers participating in the FVRD's Wood Stove Exchange Program. However, if you find a suitable appliance from a retailer who is not on this list, please contact the Program Coordinator to find out how to proceed. If you would like to become a participating retailer, please contact the Program Coordinator.

How does the program work?

The Do-It-Yourself Kit explains how the program works and what paperwork needs to be submitted to the Program Coordinator in order to be eligible for the rebate.

Hurry and get your $250- $400 rebate now! First come, first served.