During a Flood

If flooding in your area is imminent here's what you need to be aware of:

Watch for evacuation orders and alerts for your area. These orders and alerts are posted on the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) page and on AlertableTwitter and Facebook.

Follow the instructions outlined in the Order or Alert.

  • If you have been issued an Evacuation Alert, be prepared to leave on short notice. If you don't have an Emergency Plan, visit our Preparing for a Flood page for steps you can take now.
  • If you have been issued an Evacuation Order, gather all family members and pets and leave the area immediately. If you cannot self-transport and all neighbours have left the area, immediately call the EOC at 778-704-0400.

Check DriveBC for the safest route to evacuate. Do not attempt to drive or walk across flooded areas.

If you have been evacuated, self-register with Emergency Support Services to report that you have safely left the area and to access emergency shelter and food if you require it. You can also register with the Red Cross to be notified when services become available

Keep monitoring our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) page to find out when your Evacuation Order is rescinded and you can return home.