Wendy Bales Declared Winner in Electoral Area C

November 2, 2018

At the completion of the judicial recount today, the election results for Electoral Area C was determined to be a tie between Wendy Bales and Annie Silver with 136 votes each.

Under the Local Government Act, a tie may be broken by drawing by lot or by runoff election. A local government's election bylaw must specify that drawing by lot will be used as the method for breaking a tie between candidates. Otherwise, a runoff election must be held to break the tie.

The FVRD's Election Procedures Bylaw No. 1442,2018 Section C (5) states that in the event of a tie vote after a judicial recount, the results will be determined by lot rather than by a runoff election.

Justice Hamilton drew the name and officially declared Wendy Bales as Director for Electoral Area C. The first meeting of the new FVRD board will be held on November 27.