Chief Election Officer Applying for Judicial Recount in Electoral Area C

October 23, 2018

With only one vote separating Electoral Area C candidates Annie Silver and Wendy Bales, the election results in that area were reviewed by Chief Election Officer Jaime Schween on October 23. Upon review, Ms. Schween determined one ballot that had been rejected should have been accepted as a valid vote. Therefore, the election in Electoral Area C has resulted in a tie.

Applications for judicial recounts can be made within nine days after the close of general voting. The provincial courts will declare the election results at the completion of the ballot recount.

Under the Local Government Act, a tie may be broken by drawing by lot or by runoff election. A local government's election bylaw must specify that drawing by lot will be used as the method for breaking a tie between candidates. Otherwise, a runoff election must be held to break the tie.

The FVRD's Election Procedures Bylaw No. 1442,2018 Section C (5) states that in the event of a tie vote after a judicial recount, the results will be determined by lot rather than by a runoff election.

The results of the judicial recount will be posted to this web site when they become available.