Mosquito Control Underway

June 4, 2018

The FVRD has been busy working on mosquito control since April in this high flood water year. Increased river levels and seepage water along low lying areas has resulted in conditions for abundant mosquito habitat.

Every year the FVRD monitors, maps and treats mosquito breeding grounds. The FVRD has already waged several aggressive aerial and ground treatment campaigns along foreshore of the Fraser River in a preemptive strike on the expected nuisance mosquitoes. The FVRD will continue to combat areas along the Fraser river that may experience a strong mosquito presence until no further mosquito larvae can be found.

The FVRD treats sites with non-toxic methods to preserve and enhance biodiversity, and does not conduct fogging or spraying for adult mosquitoes.

To assist in mosquito control, residents are advised to minimize standing or stagnant water in and around homes and businesses. 

  • Clean up and empty containers where water collects such as tarps, tires and flower pots.
  • Remove water that collects on pool covers.
  • Change bird baths and pet bowls often.
  • Maintain and chlorinate swimming pools.
  • Empty and turn over kiddie pools, wheelbarrows and small boats.
  • Cover rain barrels with fine mesh.
  • Keep lawns short and clear out dense shrubbery.
  • Maintain your gutter and remove debris to ensure proper drainage.

It is best to avoid being outdoors at dawn and dusk when mosquito presence is at its peak. If you must be outside at peak mosquito time, wear light coloured, loose fitted clothing that fully covers your skin. Use fans to keep air moving around you. And know that things will get better soon.

Please direct any mosquito related inquiries or reports of unusually high mosquito densities in your local area to the FVRD Mosquito Hotline at 1-888-733-2333 or email You can stay informed of mosquito treatment by following Morrow Bioscience on Twitter (@morrowmosquito) or on FaceBook (facebook/com/morrowmosquito).