Water Main Flushing in Area D

May 13, 2019

We will be conducting annual water main flushing in Area D (Popkum and surrounding vicinity) between May 14 and June 14. The flushing is part of our ongoing commitment to providing communities with healthy drinking water. Throughout the flushing process, you may notice changes in water colour or pressure. These are temporary and not a cause for concern.

Will we be without drinking water?

No, however, you may notice a slight discolouration or experience periods of low water pressure. If you do notice some sediment or a brownish tinge, we suggest you run the cold water tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear.

Should we boil water as a precaution?

While boiling water isn't required, if you want to ensure access to chlorine-free water you can fill a few jugs before the flushing process gets underway.

Why are you flushing the water mains?

We do this on an annual basis to remove any sediment that may have accumulated over the winter months.

How are you flushing the lines?

We use a system called Unidirectional Flushing (UDF), which improves the quality, colour and flow of water through the distribution system.

Are you using any chemicals during the flushing process?

A small amount of chlorine is released into the water mains for up to a month after the flushing has been completed to kill off any remaining residue.

How will I know when the water mains on our street are being flushed?

You will be notified by our Utilities staff.