FVRD Releases Air Quality Management Plan

September 27, 2021

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) has released its latest Air Quality Management Plan to improve the quality of air to benefit the health of everyone living, working and playing in the region. 

The new plan reflects the latest air quality trends, data and research. It was developed in collaboration with FVRD municipalities and other stakeholders in the Lower Fraser Valley airshed to ensure important regional air quality concerns were identified.

“This Plan will guide the FVRD’s actions over the next ten years to achieve the Plan’s vision of “Healthy air and clear vistas that support a vibrant region,” said Jason Lum, FVRD Board Chair. “This Plan not only shows what your local government is working on to protect citizens from pollution but also gives insights into some of the most important air quality challenges that we face.”

An air quality management plan is a strategic plan to protect the quality of air in the Fraser Valley to safeguard the health of citizens. The new AQMP provides an overview of air quality monitoring within the eastern portion of the Lower Fraser Airshed, summarizes current trends and pollutants of concern, and identifies key sources of these emissions. It also identifies numerous actions that will benefit the airshed, and defines performance indicators and progress reporting. FVRD is already moving forward with implementing the priority actions outlined in the Plan.

While the primary purpose of the new AQMP is to specifically guide the FVRD over the next ten years, it will take everyone, working together, to improve the health of our air. To engage and raise awareness of air quality issues, infographics are used extensively in the Plan to explain complex data and air quality principles. “We hope that this AQMP and the other air quality initiatives underway within the FVRD (e.g., Air Quality in the Classroom, Woodstove Exchange Program, etc.), will inform and inspire everyone in the region to do what they can to reduce emissions and assist in the stewardship of our air,” said Patricia Ross, FVRD Board Vice-Chair. 

Media Contact
Angelique Crowther
Manager of Communications