Where To Take Your Flood Waste

December 15, 2021

The recent atmospheric river weather events generated a lot of waste on area properties impacted by flooding and landslides.

As residents begin to tackle removing flood waste they should consider hiring experienced contractors to handle potentially hazardous material such as drywall which can contain asbestos. Experienced waste haulers can arrange for the proper disposal of building and household material.

If you are cleaning up your own property here are locations where you can haul your own waste.

  • Residents in Electoral Area A can dispose of their flood waste at the Chaumox landfill.
  • Residents in Electoral Areas B, D, E & H can take their flood waste to Bailey Landfill. To have tipping fees waived complete this application form and submit for approval before taking your flood waste to the landfill. Once you have been approved, please follow the City of Chilliwack's Disposal Guide.
  • Residents in Electoral Areas C, F & G can dispose of their flood waste at the Mission Landfill for a reduced fee of $135/tonne. There is a separate fee for gypsum board/dry wall. Please read this guide to find out how to prepare dry wall for disposal. Take photographs of your waste and keep all receipts and invoices. You may qualify for Disaster Financial Assistance.

Cleaning-Up Resources

Find helpful resources for your clean-up on fvrd.ca including locations to pick up a free Red Cross clean-up kit, and tips on removing debris and waste.