Board of Variance

A Board of Variance is an independent body that deals with requests from property owners to relax regulations for siting, size and dimensions of buildings where compliance with the regional district’s bylaws would cause an undue hardship. 

The Board of Variance is a committee of three residents living in the electoral areas that are appointed by the Fraser Valley Regional District Board. 

The Board reviews applications for:

  • minor variances under Section 540 of the Local Government Act;
  • exemptions from Sections 531 and 532 of the Local Government Act, which prohibits structural alterations or
  • additions to a building used for a use which is no longer permitted by the Zoning bylaw; and
  • appealing the decisions of building inspectors regarding the amount of damage to non-conforming buildings or structures.

August 1, 2021 - July 31, 2024 Board of Variance members:

  • Bronwyn Punch, Chair
  • Grant Acheson, Vice Chair
  • Judy Duffus


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