1. What is an Evacuation Alert?

    An Evacuation Alert is a notice that it is time to prepare to leave your home on short notice. Learn more about getting prepared for a wildfire.

  2. What is an Evacuation Order?

    An Evacuation Order means you must leave the area immediately. Follow the directions of local emergency officials and evacuate using the safe route(s) that have been identified. Do not return home until you've been advised that the Evacuation Order has been rescinded.

  3. Who is authorized to issue Evacuation Alerts and Orders?

    Evacuations are put into place by local governments, relying on the advice of experts (i.e. BC Wildfire Service). The FVRD is authorized to issue Orders and Alerts for the eight Electoral Areas. First Nations governments have the authority to issue Orders and Alerts for their communities. BC Wildfire Service, Police and Fire Services can implement tactical evacuations as deemed necessary.

  4. What is the current status of electricity?

    It is not uncommon for electricity to be de-energized to prevent additional fire startups. As the situation evolves, power may be intermittent. Check BC Hydro’s Outage Map for current outages. Be prepared by keeping your electronic devices charged.

  5. How do I know if the information I have read or heard is accurate?

    The FVRD’s website will be kept up to date as information is available. To receive emergency notifications as they become available, download or subscribe to Alertable. Alertable is an emergency notification system that enables the FVRD to send alerts via email, SMS, phone call notifications, and through the Alertable app. Additional information on wildfire activity can be found on the BC Wildfire Service website.

  6. Why is there an increased presence of wildland firefighters in my area?

    BC Wildfire Service may position personnel camps within reasonable proximity to areas where they are working.

  7. Where can I find information about air quality?

    Air quality information due to wildfire smoke can be found here.