Sylvester Road Transfer Station


Saturday, Sunday, & Monday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
*NEW* Open all statutory holidays except Christmas and Boxing Day


10033 Sylvester Road
Dewdney, BC
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Service Area

Electoral Areas F & G

Disposal Fees 

$2.00 per bag of garbage or can not exceeding .15m3 (150L or 39 gal)

$4.00 per bag of garbage or drum exceeding .15m3 (150L or 39 gal)

$25.00 per pickup load of household garbage (13.50 per m3)

  • A pickup load is defined as 1.91m3 of waste, the size of a standard full-size pickup bed fully loaded1.5 ft. high
  • Pickup loads stacked higher than this or trailers larger than the size of a fully loaded pickup truck bed will be charged for two loads or $50.00 (or more as size requires).

Accepted Items

Household Garbage


Accepted items for recycling 


Accepted items for compost 

Yard Waste

Yard waste is accepted from May 1, 2023, to October 29, 2023. 

Due to the size of the yard waste collection bin, we are only able to accept limited amounts of yard waste. Please respect the direction provided by transfer station attendants. Large loads of yard waste should be taken to Parr Road Green Depot in Chilliwack or the City of Mission Landfill.

Accepted items for yard waste

Household Items

  • Gently used toys, household items suitable for reuse, etc.
  • Broken furniture, food, and products with safety standards, such as cribs and car seats, are not accepted.