Regional Information Map

The Regional Information Map (RIM) is our online interactive mapping service. RIM is a great source of information for properties and other features located in the Regional District. Numerous map layers are available in RIM which can be used to quickly find features, create maps, and produce informative reports. Aerial photographs and shaded relief maps are also available in RIM for select areas of the Regional District. To access this service, please review the Terms of Use below and click "Accept Terms".


To assist the Regional District in the maintenance and improvement of RIM, users are encouraged to share any information concerning errors, discrepancies, or omissions they find while using this service. Please contact the GIS Group with any comments you may have.

Terms of Use

RIM and all materials obtained from it are provided as a public resource for general information only. The data contained on RIM is compiled from a number of sources with varying degrees of accuracy. The FVRD makes no warranties to the completeness or precision of the data or its suitability for a particular purpose or use. The FVRD disclaims all responsibility for any damage, loss, or injury that may arise from the use of or the inability to use RIM or the information that is obtained from it. The FVRD is neither responsible nor liable for any viruses or other contaminations of a user's system and makes no guarantees regarding the availability of RIM.

Users are reminded that the maps and reports created in RIM are not legal documents. Users must verify lot sizes, legal descriptions, and encumbrances with the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC. Users must also confirm all land use, development, and hazard information with the FVRD Planning Department. Users are required to verify the bylaws, designations, plans, and policies that apply to the property of interest. In addition, users should note that the floodplain and geotechnical hazard information shown on RIM may be incomplete. Users are advised to contact the FVRD Planning Department to obtain definitive information regarding a property.

By clicking the ‘Accept Terms’ you are agreeing to the Terms of Use as stated above and will be redirected to RIM.