Clean Economy

The FVRD engaged the Delphi Group in the Fall of 2018 to undertake research and analysis designed to better understand the existing capacity and competitive strengths related to the Fraser Valley region’s clean economy. The study confirmed that the Fraser Valley has a solid foundation and set of underlying strengths to grow the region's clean economy. The report identifies five clean economy sector opportunities in the Region and provides an overview of each sector, macro trends, existing strengths, barriers, and opportunities. As these sectors continue to expand, they will create opportunities to further build each other up and work towards an integrated economic ecosystem.

Although the clean economy already exists to some degree in this region, more work is required to truly take advantage of the opportunities that exist here. As an initial step, we have prepared a resource guide that summarizes the study’s findings and provides information on programs and initiatives available from senior levels of government. The FVRD also coordinated a special session during GLOBE 2020 on February 11, 2020. This opportunity allowed participants to learn about the clean economy project and investment opportunities in the Fraser Valley and brought together all levels of government, First Nations, educational institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders.