Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband Internet Connectivity Strategy

The FVRD, in partnership with TANEx Engineering Corporation, has completed the FVRD Rural Broadband Strategy. The Strategy provides a roadmap for improving high-speed internet connectivity (50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload) in our rural electoral areas.

Included in the Strategy are an assessment of current conditions, rationale for improved broadband connectivity, a list of potential projects, and next steps for moving forward. Having a connectivity plan for the FVRD’s electoral areas supports the FVRD’s broadband advocacy efforts and puts the Region in a position to respond to future funding opportunities.

As part of the development of the Strategy, a public survey was conducted with residents and businesses across the electoral areas to gather information about existing internet and cellular services. Feedback from the residential and business surveys supported that broadband internet is a critical need and provided a better understanding of how people are affected by the lack of high-speed internet.

Read our summary of the Business Connectivity Survey and Residential Connectivity Survey to find out the results.

For more information on the FVRD Rural Broadband Strategy please contact us at or 604-702-5000.