Community Webinar For Food Businesses

February 22, 2022

Do you own a restaurant, store, farm, or food processing business? You're invited to a virtual community meeting to learn ways to put your unsold food and compostable materials to good use in the Fraser Valley.

Food Mesh Community Webinar

March 17, 2022
2-3:30 pm
Register Now (Virtual meeting via Zoom)

The second anniversary of the Fraser Valley Regional District's waste sorting bylaw is in April. In all areas of the region, we are asking businesses to separate their unsold food and compostable materials from their garbage and divert it to higher-end uses, compost, or recycling.

Join other local businesses to learn about some of the organizations out there that can help you find new uses for your unsold food and compostable materials, and help you comply with the new bylaw.

The webinar will feature short presentations by these organizations, followed by a Q&A.

- FoodMesh
- Trendi
- Pick Eco
- West Coast Reduction
- Chilliwack Free Fridge
- Blue Planet Recycling
- Too Good To Go
- Peko Produce

Whether it’s how to divert edible food to charities, or inedible food to farmers, upcyclers, or compost haulers, this event will help businesses get connected and started. 

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